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If your computer requires a complete or partial cleaning of the system, it does not allow you to install applications that are not from the microsoft store, we provide the service reinstallation of the operating system, unlocking the operating system to be able to install applications from anywhere, memory expansion, hard disk , system optimization, as well as the configuration of accessories, devices and / or hardware.


We have basic packages with web design and systems adapted to your needs, web domain, annual hosting plan. No matter what type of business you have, you will get a better image and many more clients, who will feel more secure when they see that your business has a website for a product or service, this reflects professionalism and generates much more trust in your clientele. We offer the e-commerce service, your online store from your website and thus you can increase your profits. You can see our SHOP.


We offer you the following services: Organization, identification, certification of network cabling, Installation and configuration of wireless signal amplifiers, design and installation of structured cabling CAT 5E and Cat 6 Network, installation and configuration of wired and wireless switches, routers and network connection devices. Installation and configuration of links via wireless radio point to point, installation of network devices on laptops and PCs., installation and configuration of wireless and wired network printers.


You want to monitor and control your business, company, school or home, both locally and remotely with the use of surveillance cameras, the Internet and artificial intelligence (Smart Home). It is more than clear and proven that a closed circuit video surveillance system in strategic places, thieves and criminals shows respect, also, if you convert your smart home with technology to remotely control and automate these systems and home systems such as lighting, doors , thermostats, entertainment systems, security alarms, surveillance cameras and other connected appliances, your life will be much easier and more enjoyable